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When they asked me what I wanted to do, I said "Everything."

  • Earl NewtonWriter/Director/Editor

    Earl Newton is a freelance artist in Los Angeles.

    He has a Facebook and a Twitter. And an IMDB.

    He took this picture himself. It says, "I am a serious artist, and I resent the unnecessary convention of writing about myself in third-person."

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  • Lionsgate
  • Sony
  • Comcast
  • Liquid Entertainment
  • Jordan Mechner
  • McNeely, Piggot & Fox
  • Hyundai
  • U.S. Dept of Labor
  • DotEmu


Earl Newton is an award-winning writer/director/editor living in Los Angeles. He is best known as the creator of the Nebula-nominated television series Stranger Things.

Newton started directing theater in college. He segued into regional television in his early 20s, first with commercials and industrials, and later as a producer for a sports network. In 2007, he started Stranger Things, a modern-day science fiction anthology series ("Twilight Zone for the Internet generation"). The popularity of the program lead him to collaborate with New York Times best-sellers and genre luminaries like Scott Sigler and Gary Braunbeck. In 2008, Illusion TV picked up Stranger Things for on-demand television distribution.

At one point or another, Newton has worked in nearly every field of film production, a fact that enables him to know in advance how much the crew will hate him before a single frame is shot.

Creatively, Newton's style tends to occupy a comfortably-strange corner of an otherwise normal world. His work has been compared to that of Rod Serling, Joss Whedon, and Charlie Kaufman.

"It's not our fault."

-- Mr. and Mrs. Newton


Let's be honest.

The Old World

The "writer/director/editor" hyphenate always included a silent fourth: "pick one." As in, "writer/director/editor/pick one."

If you didn't lead with one, people would assume you were equally terrible at all of them.

The New World

The culture of technology has changed. The competition is getting stronger, while crews and budgets get smaller. Producers are discovering that artists with multiple skillsets can radically simplify the production process in time spent, clarity of vision, and cost.

I count myself lucky that
  • as a director, I know what an editor needs to make something work
  • as a writer, I can write material within a budget
  • as an editor, I can counsel my clients on the best approach before any money is spent.
I direct projects that I haven't written. I write projects I don't direct.
I've edited all sorts of things.
The question I ask now is:

Why would you work with someone who doesn't understand the most critical aspects of the work?


Making words behave isn't easy.

My feature screenplays are not available publicly. If you'd like a writing sample, you can reach my representative through the information found in the Contact section.

>> Simply Scripts:
Stranger Things hosts the annotated screenplays for my series Stranger Things.

>> John Self Taught and Self Doubting

An essay I wrote in 2011 for John August's blog about surviving my first year in Los Angeles. A very unfiltered look at what made me pack up and head west, and why I'm relieved I didn't do it sooner.

>> The Artist's Contract

One of my personal works of which I'm most proud. I think if creating art was a day job, most artists would have been fired already. I wrote the Artist's Contract in an attempt to clearly define the day-to-day requirements of a professional artist.

>> A Picture in Words

A short story project I work on in odd moments. Nothing complicated, nothing demanding, just the simple process of telling a picture in words.



Narrative Reel

Latchkeepers (Act 2): Episodic Narrative

Infected: Trailer

  • Test Rollover




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For specific questions about writing or directing projects, please contact my representative Jennifer Kennedy.

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Kennedy Law LLP
Tel: (323) 669-4933
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For post-production inquiries, as well as general questions, you can email my office at the following address.

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